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Due to having a business orientated background I felt it weak to admit I had a substance abuse problem. How could I be successful at work yet go home and succumb to a pathetic addiction? I found an imbalance between drinking for fun vs. drinking to get drunk which was becoming extremely destructive to my professional and personal life. Waking up hungover carrying multiple regrets on my shoulders fuelled a vicious cycle until a dear friend of mine referred me to Nicole. Nicole is not only highly educated and experienced in the field but I found her extremely disarming, caring and genuine. There was no timer on the table, no one-sided talking and no judgement; she listened to me, accepted and understood my situation and guided me through overcoming my substance abuse. Her sound advice and constant support at any time of the day felt like a warm hug, embracing, healing and encouraging me every step of the way. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to attain the professional and personal achievements that I am proud of today. I’d recommend Nicole to anyone struggling with drug/alcohol abuse, whether you are a Business owner, a successful entrepreneur or an everyday woman wanting to shape her life for the better. Nicole was less like a counsellor and more like a friend. I am confident anyone would feel that compassion after even a minute of being in her positive presence


I've struggled with depression and self harm since the age of 12, stemming from sexual abuse and other events. For many years I used alcohol and drugs as a crutch, I barely remember anything from my teen years because of this. I made many bad choices and was going down paths that led to more bad outcomes.

In my late 20's I had gotten better but still had a long way to go, I also wanted a more natural treatment instead of all the medications I was on.

Then I was lucky enough to meet Nicole. She showed me many techniques to deal with my depression and we worked on all my problems stemming from the sexual abuse through our sessions.

I felt comfortable to open up to her about everything without being judged. I now have a great handle on my depression, I haven't used drugs or alcohol as a crutch in many years. Nor have I self harmed in over two years and I'm on the path to the career and life I always wanted.

I now have self worth, respect and love for myself which I never thought I would.

I owe so much of this to Nicole.

I would recommend her to anyone who is having any sort of problems in their life. She is one of the most beautiful, kind, understanding and caring human beings I know.

I am grateful beyond words for all that she has done for me 


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