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Nicole can work with you to not only get to the root causes of your issues, but to get to the seed of who you are, what your core values are, how you can use these to prosper in any area of life, and put together a plan for yourself, your family, your relationship, your business, or a sobriety plan if alcohol and drugs are part of your setbacks.

With qualifications and experience in Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Counselling, Community Services, and Workplace Training and Assessment, Nicole can tailor a package that works for you, no matter what you need support with.

Having much experience and tools to draw from, Nicole's approach is quite different to most counsellors or coaches. Many coaches are quite good at getting people to break down (although they often call this a breakthrough!) what they aren't always good at, is supporting you to put yourself back together again... all while trying to be a Mum and run a business!

Most coaches do not have any training in Brief Intervention, nor do they have the mental health knowledge to recognise when there is more going on with someone than just an 'ah huh' moment.

Nicole often has women coming to her who have worked with other coaches before, who did not recognise or even attempt to acknowledge their past trauma. This has meant they have been left raw and vulnerable after peeling back those layers. A lot of personal and business coaches do not have any accountability when they re-traumatise someone, and most importantly do not know how to administer basic Mental Health First Aid to ensure someone isn't going to go home and harm themselves.

With Nicole, there is not only this knowledge, there is also accountability, follow up, extra support, and also support for families who may not know how to cope with someone who has experienced a deep baring of roots that have been left raw. This is a time for nurturing, nourishing and re-building, and needs specialised knowledge and support.

Business women are a special breed unto ourselves, however, women with trauma, mental health issues, drug & alcohol misuse issues, who are also trying to build a business, need a completely different approach to their mentoring.

Having built three successful companies while living with trauma, alcohol misuse issues, anxiety, PTSD, Post Natal Depression, all while trying to be a first time Mum, took a huge toll on Nicole's mental health, and lead her to follow the rabbit hole down to a place that not many people have ventured... or if they have, they don't talk about it!

This gave her unique insight into what new mum's deal with, what business owners deal with, and what not many people acknowledge... it is beyond hard! But with support from people who have been there, who have done it hard, who have almost not got out alive, you can find the right balance to ensure you can continue on the path you have chosen, without having to sacrifice your own wellbeing, whether physically or mentally.

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