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Counselling & Coaching

Nicole specialises in counselling and coaching. One to one sessions are conducted wherever you feel most comfortable, sharing a cuppa.

Sessions typically go for 45 minutes to an hour, and can be done over zoom for those outside of Melbourne and Geelong, however, you will get the most out of face to face interaction.

Using all of the tools in her tool belt, Nicole will go deep without you even realising it, and generally it will just feel like you are opening up to a friend.

In some cases, Nicole may suggest referral's to other services if she feels that you will get the most out of several techniques at the same time, or if she feels you may not be ready to go deep enough with her without extra mental health or drug and alcohol support. These sessions are completely unique to everyone, and are very self directed. Nicole uses a person centred approach, and very much practices unconditional positive regard, there will be no judgement. 

How many sessions will I need?

It really does depend on your unique set of circumstances, and how ready you are to open up and go deep into the root causes of what is stopping you moving forward. Whether you are a business owner, or anyone with anxiety, depression, PTSD, Post Natal Depression, self esteem issues, drug and alcohol misuse issues, self harm, or if you just want to work with someone who can help you strategise a plan to get to where you want to go, Nicole has a very individual process for everyone.

At times, Nicole will feel that you may get more out of working with someone else, whether instead of her, or along side her. Whether that is someone from our team, such as Christian, or someone completely outside of our service, Nicole will be up front and honest about the special care you may need. This could include a specialised counsellor, a spiritual adviser or healer if you are so inclined, a psychologist, a drug and alcohol service, or a psychiatrist if psychological assessment is required. Nicole will not move forward with sessions if it is not safe to do so.

One on one sessions are required (at least one) before moving on to any group strategy sessions, so that a clear plan can be made to ensure you get the most out of your team sessions.

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