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A proud mother of an autistic son, Nicole has built a career as a community engagement leader, with 20+ years experience in disability, mental health, aged care, addiction,homelessness and youth work. Specialising in counselling, training and mentoring professionals in the community services sector.

Nicole is incredibly passionate about access and inclusion, using her own personal experience of disability to create independent living opportunities for the people with the highest needs, empowering people with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities to live independently on their own terms.

With a background in legal and accounting before embarking on a long and prestigious career in Community Services, Nicole owns three Disability organisations,encompassing Housing, Direct Care, Support Coordination and Plan Management.

A leader within the disability sector, Nicole pride's herself on empowering people with disability to come into the spotlight and be heard, often shining a light on social injustice,and supporting people to cut the red tape that often binds them.

A passionate advocate for getting young people out of residential aged care, Nicole's team has raised investor capital, to help bring an end to Australia's social housing crisis, with almost 50 homes built across Australia to date.

From Gutter to Glory- A survivors guide to thriving in business

Nicole has been in business for 15+ years, has been sober for 11 years, is a co-author of  A Journey of Riches- Rock Bottom with other brilliant authors such as her husband Christian Doherty and John Spender, the mastermind behind the Journey of Riches series, as well as Sacred Promise, an anthology by Dr Tererai Trent, featuring stories from women across the globe.

After dedicating her life to working with people with mental health issues, disabilities, drug and alcohol misuse, aged care services, child, youth, family and the homeless, Nicole mentors other female business owners who have lived through trauma and mental health issues, and are trying to balance life with running a business. 

Specialising in shifting blockages that are getting in the way of moving forward in business. 

"We should be listening to people with lived experience.

Lived experience is a powerful driving  force  behind creating change. 

Giving hope, that someone has gone through what you are going through, and not only survived ... but thrived"​

- Nicole Doherty

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An anthology compiled by Dr Tererai Trent, Sacred Promise has a profound message, if we are true to the inner voice that guides us we will find meaning, beauty, clarity and direction, even in the darkest of times as we navigate our way to our true purpose. This collection shares with us voices deeply embedded in diversity and unique perspectives, with each author sharing their own stories and the sacred promises they have made to themselves, each so different yet brought together by the collective sisterhood and a universal longing for hope and positive change for the world.

This book courageously explores the deeper meaning of existence, the journeys we travel and the challenges we overcome and invites us to consider the true purpose of our lives and how we can take action on our own sacred promises to ourselves.

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